Turn Data Into Insights

Differentiate your software, your information services, and your content services.

Most BI professionals agree that embedded analytics have become an important theme for business and technology.

Customers demand self-service, meaningful access to information, and competition forces software companies and information providers to meet these demands. This combination leads to more attention for embedded analytics.

Do you have embedded analytics on your radar?
Will embedded analytics be your game-changer in 2016? Learn what Qlik can do for your business during our Inspiration Session in our Diegem office on September 16th, 2016.

The session starts at 12:30. We finish our session with networking drinks at 16:00.


  • Who is Qlik?
  • Embedded Analytics ; Game-changer in 2016
  • Opportunities to see the whole story in your data
  • Why become a Qlik OEM Partner
  • Q & A

We look forward to seeing you onSeptember 16th, 2016. Register today to reserve your place .

Kind regards,

Benoit van Cangh
OEM Manager BeLux

Paul der Weduwen
OEM Solution Development Rep & OEM Partner Manager


Turn Data Into Insights
16th September 2016, 12:30 - 16:00