Top 6 BI Trends for 2016

Webinar: Top 6 BI Trends for 2016 | On Demand

Have we seen the end of the Big Data hype—and the beginning of engaging with reality? Are users changing in their orientation to visualisation—and what does that mean for BI professionals? What’s ahead for governance—and what should you be doing about it?

Qlik Business Analyst Strategist James Richardson is here with his Top 6 Trends for BI in 2016. James will discuss
  • How information activism is changing user engagement
  • Whether we’re still at the hype stage with Big Data—or can finally move past it
  • Why storytelling matters more than ever

Find out whether you’ve missed any of the signals, and find out where you should be directing your attention in the coming months

Watch the webinar on demand.


James Richardson is a Business Analytics Strategist at Qlik. Prior to this role James spent six years as a Gartner analyst covering business intelligence and analytics. During his tenure, James was the lead author of the Magic Quadrant for BI Platforms report, and chaired and keynoted Gartner's European Business Intelligence (BI) summit. Before Gartner, James spent 13 years at BI and performance management software vendor Hyperion in various roles.

Top 6 BI Trends for 2016