Internet of Things – How to derive value from the hype

Making sense out of big data.
Tuesday | October 25 | 11.00 CET

Internet of Things (IoT) promises to change our world. The data is flooding us, but to actually deliver value seems to be more difficult than we think. Learn how the power of Qlik’s platform can help you discover more value in your IoT data. Qlik’s unique Associative Indexing Engine combines your IoT data with other disparate data sources to deliver rich interactive visualizations that support better data driven decision making.

In this webinar Torbjörn Rosenquist from Qlik will talk about how you can:

  • gain deeper insights from IoT data through ability to associate all the data
  • discover new data driven possibilities through self-service analytics on your IoT data.
  • realise new worth of IoT data from the delivery of insights through integration with other systems from a platform based approach


Torbjörn Rosenquist leads the Manufacturing and High-tech solutions area at Qlik. He works with the strategic challenges for global manufacturing companies and partners to enable analytics in the front-line of business, and advising on building analytical capabilities to support the business.