Qlik® Webinar: Innovative ISVs: Harnessing Embedded Analytics to Drive Customer Growth

Generate in context insights with embedded analytics.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) cannot survive if they aren’t innovative, agile and laser-focused on delivering customer value.

Best-in-class ISVs are gaining substantial competitive advantages by embedding analytics into their solutions to increase their customers’ ability to generate insight in context. Done right, these capabilities help bolster the stickiness of their solutions, improve customer adoption, and drive revenue growth in both existing and new customers.

In this webinar, Aberdeen and Qlik explore key findings on embedded analytics, including:

  • Top data-related challenges facing ISV customers
  • Trends in customer usage of embedded analytics
  • Defining characteristics of best-in-class ISVs
  • Integration approaches

Join us on Thursday, November 15th.

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November 15th

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