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Qonnections is Qlik’s global partner and customer conference and one of the industry’s premier BI events. For the first time ever, we’re live streaming the Qlik keynote to bring Qonnections to the world.

Hear from our CEO, Mike Capone, about Digital Transformation in the Analytics Economy and Mike Potter, Qlik’s CTO, on Innovation Fueling the Analytics Economy.

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Mike Capone
CEO, Qlik

presenting Digital Transformation in the Analytics Economy
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Mike Potter
CTO, Qlik

presenting Innovation Fueling the Analytics Economy: Qlik’s Product Vision and Roadmap
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Digital Transformation in the Analytics Economy - Mike Capone, CEO, Qlik

Organizations are leveraging the power of data through analytics to transform businesses and entire industries. Data, and the people who work with it, are the agents of change in their organizations. Mike will discuss the power of data and how elevating the level of data literacy for all users is critical to capitalize on the unprecedented economic opportunity available in the Analytics Economy. Mike will share how companies across industries unlock value sources by using customer intelligence, reimagining processes, balancing risk/reward and opening up new business opportunities. He will explain how Qlik is investing in innovation as the foundation for transformational disruption and how we have organized the company around customer success.

Innovation Fueling the Analytics Economy: Qlik’s Product Vision and Roadmap - Mike Potter, CTO, Qlik

Data is the fuel of the new analytics economy, but turning that data into the type of actionable insights that drive transformation and business value is easier said than done. In this keynote, we will demonstrate how Qlik’s leading data analytics platform bridges this gap by delivering true scale for your enterprise, across all data and for all users. We will showcase how we support governed scale with our latest hybrid cloud offerings and how we will continue to drive scale in both the world of big data and the user experience, through our unique associative technology. The result: new insights that drive new value and transform the enterprise.

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