Your business relies on your ability to tap into your data’s full potential – but most teams are still running into challenges. What can you do about it? Join the data revolution.

The Qlik Data Revolution Virtual Forum is an exclusive online event where you’ll:

  • Hear from industry leaders on evolving data strategies – including Gartner analyst Alys Woodward, Zurich Insurance Company head of data strategy Alex Sidgreaves, and Qlik CEO Mike Capone.

  • Learn how to harness the power of modern data delivery tools to reduce cost and simplify cloud infrastructure.

  • See how leveraging machine learning and AI gets the most out of your data.

  • Discover what’s possible when you embed advanced analytics into every corner of your business.

  • Get a close-up look at the essential products and solutions to help you accelerate your digital transformation.
The Virtual Forum is free, and you can join from any device, anywhere – no travel required. Register now to reserve your spot.
Please note the presentations for this event will be in English.

Data Revolution Virtual Forum 2019
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Ready to lead with data? It all starts here.

Qlik Data Revolution Virtual Forum 2019
Introduction - Mike Capone, CEO, Qlik - Welcome Remarks »

Qlik CEO Mike Capone kicks off the Data Revolution Virtual Forum and introduces the keynote speakers.

Analyst Keynote Session - Alys Woodward, Research Director, Gartner - How to Start, Evolve and Expand Self-service Analytics »

Self-service analytics requirements need the right data, users and training to deliver agile information. Deploying a modern analytics and BI tool will not solve your adoption, data literacy and data availability challenges. This presentation describes why some organizational cultures struggle to implement truly self-service analytics, how self-service analytics goes wrong and what to do about it, and getting to pervasive, governed and timely access to information across your organization.

Qlik Keynote Session - Mike Capone, CEO, Qlik | Joe Bickley, Associate VP of Product Management, Qlik
Optimizing Data Delivery for Faster, Better Analytics Insights »

In a world increasingly dependent on data and empowering people to interact with it, many companies are still struggling to drive full value from the investments they have made and the data they own. Join us to learn how best-in-class enterprises are enabling a new open data and analytics strategy that simplifies and speeds accurate trusted data delivery, leverages AI to empower users and accelerate insights, while reducing the cost of their cloud landscape. Whether you use an existing analytical environment such as Qlik, Tableau or even Power BI, you’ll want to learn how to accelerate and optimize the value of your data.

Customer Keynote Session - Alex Sidgreaves, Head of Data Architecture & Data Ops, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd  
Every Journey Starts with One Small Step, The Power of Data Transformation »

Mergers, acquisitions, a constantly changing IT estate and a lack of investment in data left Zurich in a position where the answer to any BI enquiry was difficult to get and more worrying hard to trust. Zurich needed to build for the future and create a holistic Data Transformation strategy to increase the quality of data, improve insights, streamline business processes and set them up for future success. Attend this session to understand the Data Transformation strategy Zurich chose and the tools, technologies and operating model they selected to help them along their journey.

Solution Experience - Get information on Qlik solutions for specific industries and job functions

Product Experience - Explore the entire Qlik product and services portfolio

Data Literacy Center - Discover tangible tools, advice, and thought leadership to help drive data literacy in your organization

Meet the Data Revolutionaries

Mike Capone
Chief Executive Officer, Qlik
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Alys Woodward
Research Director, Gartner
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Joe Bickley
Associate VP of Product Management, Qlik
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Alex Sidgreaves
Head of Data Architecture & Data Ops, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
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About the Event

About the Virtual Forum

What You Can Expect

The Data Revolution Virtual Forum is your opportunity to learn more about the latest advancements in data integration and analytics. Just like a trade show or conference, our virtual forums are live events featuring scheduled presentations from keynote speakers, interactive sessions with thought leaders and subject matter experts, and genuinely helpful product demonstrations. The forum is your chance to discover how data can transform your business. And the best part? It’s free – and you can join from any device, anywhere.

About Qlik

Qlik’s vision is a data-literate world, one where everyone can use data to improve decision-making and solve their most challenging problems. Only Qlik offers end-to-end, real-time data integration and analytics solutions that help organizations access and transform all their data into value. Qlik helps companies lead with data to see more deeply into customer behavior, reinvent business processes, discover new revenue streams, and balance risk and reward. Qlik does business in more than 100 countries and serves over 50,000 customers around the world.

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