Data first. Revolution second.
Discover the key to transforming your entire business with data.

Digital transformation is more than just a buzzword, it’s a must-do. Yet most initiatives will fail due to a lack of data literacy, limited access to data, and poor analytics strategies. This is your chance to hear from leaders who are not failing, but leading with data.

How do you become a leader in this revolution?
The Qlik Data Revolution Tour can show you how.

Coming soon to a city near you, this exclusive one-day event reveals the leaders in the Data Revolution will be those who can bring to bear the totality of their data assets to seek and uncover transformational insights and enrich every decision across all aspects of their operations.

The Qlik Data Revolution Tour is free, but seats are limited. Registration is now open, so please register your interest in one of the cities below.


Accelerate time to deeper insights in your data


October 8 Chicago, IL, USA »
October 15 Toronto, ON, Canada »
October 30 Arlington, VA, USA »
November 6 San Francisco, CA, USA »
November 14 New York, NY, USA »


1. Open your mind. And potential.

Learn more about our open, hybrid cloud platform. See how Qlik's roadmap will seamlessly connect on-premise deployments with cloud-based services, delivering to you more choice and flexibility to support your changing analytics and data management needs.

2. Data stays. Possibilities move.

Discover how you can bring Big Data to life with unmatched speed and scale. Learn more about our data integration and data management platform to enable you to deploy scalable real-time data integration. Whether you use an existing analytics environment such as Qlik, Tableau or even PowerBI, you’ll want to learn how to accelerate and optimize the value of your data.

3. Leave your inhibitions behind.

Learn why governance doesn't have to be an inhibitor to innovation and how you can empower the right level of protection for your data-driven initiatives, as well as what it takes to drive Data Literacy across the organization.

4. Hobnob with the best.

Take your expertise further as you connect with your peers, hear their stories and best practices, meet with Qlik executives, product experts and more. You'll also be the first to know about what's coming next in Qlik innovations in data and analytics.


Invite them along - the more the merrier.

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