Take the first step towards driving greater business value from data - it all starts with a free 1-hour workshop.

Every organization stands to benefit from gaining a better understanding of data and how it works; data-informed decisions making can increase incorporate performance, improve innovation and boost productivity.

During our introductory workshop, a Qlik Data Literacy Advisor will provide a product-agnostic overview into improving data literacy levels across your workforce. Held either virtually or in person, the session is designed to spark conversation and covers:

  • The foundations of data strategy
  • The world of data
  • Defining data literacy
  • How to empower your workforce

During the workshop you will learn:

  • How to build and roll-out a data literacy strategy in your organization
  • Practical skills and advice to empower your people to confidently read, work with, analyze and argue with data

We also provide follow-up support to ensure everyone gets the most out of the program and feel confident when working and communicating with data.

Interested in taking it to the next level?

Build on the foundations set in our introductory workshop by working with Qlik’s Data Literacy Advisors to implement a tailored data literacy strategy and plan for roll-out across your organization.

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