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28 September
Qlik Data Integration and Active Intelligence Enabling a low cost End to End Data Pipeline

Qlik’s Active Intelligence approach provides a unique, end-to-end solution that customers can harness to ensure they have all of the right data to deliver the best insights, all at the speed of business. Learn how Qlik's Data Integration platform supports our Active Intelligence vision including use cases.
26 October
Greene Tweed Gets Ahead Of The Curve With Real-Time Supply Chain Data

In the manufacturing sector, maintaining your competitive edge across diverse markets comes down to data. In this Espresso webinar, hear first-hand how global industrial manufacturer Greene Tweed has transformed the enterprise with an end-to-end supply chain control tower. Leveraging Qlik Data Integration and Qlik Sense, Greene Tweed has empowered all levels of the organization with greater insights into KPIs, while opening the door to predictive analytics in work planning.
23 November
Reducing Carbon Emissions with Predictive Analytics & Associative Data Modelling

Utilising real-time data modelling, multiple data source integration, advanced go-analytics and data anomaly detection, Cast Solution’s carbon emissions reduction tool identifies opportunities to improve energy efficiency of buildings, resulting in lower cost and smaller carbon footprint of an organisation. Join this engaging demonstration as we share a case study of this Qlik Sense solution in action.

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HDFC Life Insurance Company Limited (formerly HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited) (‘HDFC Life’ / ‘Company’) is a joint venture between HDFC Ltd., India’s leading housing finance institution and Standard Life Aberdeen, a global investment Company.

Established in 2000, HDFC Life is a leading long-term life insurance solutions provider in India, offering a range of individual and group insurance solutions that meet various customer needs such as Protection, Pension, Savings, Investment and Health.
New to Data Integration?
To lead in the digital age, everyone in your business needs easy access to the latest and most accurate data. Join us to hear how Qlik enables a DataOps approach, vastly accelerating the discovery and availability of real-time, analytics-ready data by automating data streaming (CDC), refinement, cataloging, and publishing. Qlik’s modern data integration delivers real-time, analytics-ready and actionable data to any analytics environment, from Qlik to Tableau, PowerBI and beyond.
While data lakes promised many benefits, the reality is that projects often fail to deliver a return on investment. This is because data lakes are complex to implement, need specialized domain expertise and can take months or even years to roll out. In this session we explain how an agile approach to data lake creation can help organizations realize higher efficiency and faster ROI from their data lake initiatives. Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that Data Lakes are here to stay.
Hear how HSBC makes data management easy! End-to-end data management implementation seems somewhat of an art form.... when it should be a science. We have brought together different data sources to tell a coherent data management monitoring and implementation story.
Linear data exploration based on queries is rigid, time consuming, and can only go so far. The “ask, wait, answer” cycle puts undue burden on analysts and ultimately limits insights – a method not conducive to keeping up with the pace of business. Qlik is built different. Our unique Analytics Engine brings together all your data, empowering you to explore without limits. Join this session to learn how Qlik enables you to:
  • Search and explore across all data without predefined queries
  • Easily combine all data sources and explore relationships
  • Access insights at the speed of thought
Moving data to the cloud comes with many challenges. Traditional ETL processes are struggling to deliver scalable, effective and timely data for the business. This results in frustrated business users from slow delivery of data and a workplace reporting on out of date, inaccurate and untrusted data.

This session will focus on the role an integrated data integration platform can help in enabling you to build a high performant analytic ready data pipeline to the cloud. See how Qlik enables Customers like Devon Energy to deliver data where they need it, in the right format with the freshest data.

Highlights include:
  • Top Considerations when building and managing a high performant analytics data pipelines in a zero code environment
  • Low Latency with Change Data Capture (CDC) and Batch Reduction to capture changes as and when they occur in real-time
  • A clear path to value with near real time delivery of data to all cloud platforms including; AWS, Azure, GCP and Snowflake
  • Limited System Impact that delivers high-performance replication with minimal impact to the performance of your transaction systems such as SAP
Qlik's Data Integration Platform can help transform your organization’s modernization programs and data analytics strategy by using real-time data replication. Learn how - Register today
For healthcare to be sustainable there needs to be a shift from delivery to prescriptive optimisation. Analytics and AI underpin the change that’s required. Building a cloud analytics ecosystem enables the integration of leading pipeline, data management, AI and analytical technologies without performance concerns but with peace of mind around security and data protection. See real examples of how best-of-breed SaaS technologies are going beyond predicting the future, they’re enabling the future to be rewritten.
Third generation BI is here, and it relies heavily on AI. Augmented analytics help drive deeper insights and make analytics accessible for more types of users. But all too often, companies choose “one-size-fits-all” approaches or simply try to bolt-on AI. Instead, AI should be built into the platform at a foundational level, working in combination with users of all skill levels, across a full range of analytics use cases. In this session, you will learn about Qlik’s approach to augmented analytics and see demos of the powerful Insight Advisor capabilities in Qlik Sense, including search-based analysis, conversational analytics, advanced analytics and more.

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