Your data speaks volumes. Are you listening?
Hear what’s next for visual analytics

From 22 May to 14 July the Qlik Sense Tour 2017 has been travelling across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, bringing live demonstrations, insightful talks and everything you need to help your organisation grow, innovate and succeed – all through the power of visual analytics.

The Qlik Sense Tour was for anyone who wants to listen to what their data is saying, and it was a huge success.

Thanks everyone for joining the Qlik Sense Tour! And if you missed it please click here.

Date Location Country Organizer
6 June, 2017 Beijing China  Qlik
15 June, 2017 Shanghai China EBI
25 June, 2017 Shenzen
China EBI
28 June, 2107 Singapore  Singapore SIFT
29 June, 2017  Bangkok Thailand SIFT
5 July, 2017 Hong Kong
7 July, 2017 New Delhi India Gain Insights
13 July, 2017 Tokyo Japan Qlik
14 July, 2017 Mumbai India Finesse
14 July, 2017
Noida India Qlik
20 July, 2017 Jakarta Indonesia MII
20 July, 2017 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia SIFT
21 July, 2017 Guragaon India Team Computers
26 July, 2017 Auckland New Zealand Acumen
26 July, 2017 Melbourne Australia Microchannel
27 July, 2017 Sydney
Australia Qlik
27 July, 2017
Wellington New Zealand Acumen