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Analytics has always played an important role in business success. But it’s role has never been more significant than today.
Leading organizations have figured out how to harness analytics advancements while getting more from their data by improving data literacy. The result? Significant new business value which helps them get – and stay – ahead.

Qlik Virtual Forum 2018 will help you discover how they’re doing it and how you can too.

Join us to:
  • Hear from industry thought leaders such as IDC, Cognizant and Qlik as they discuss the convergence of data, data literacy, and Digital Transformation
  • Get the latest on advancements in Big Data, AI, and Cloud
  • Connect with BI experts and your peers
  • Explore products and solutions to help you transform your business
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Choose from the sessions below and find out how to unlock the power of data in your organization.

Session  Description
Virtual Panel Virtual Panel Discussion hosted by Rick or Robert featuring Dan Vesset (IDC), Dan Sommer (Qlik) and Poornima Ramaswamy (Cognizant) »

Hear from industry thought leaders such as IDC, Cognizant and Qlik as they discuss the convergence of data, data literacy, and Digital Transformation

Breakout Session - Data Qlik and Big Data - Ian Crosland - Director of Product Management, Qlik and Michael Distler – Director of Product Marketing, Qlik »

More and more companies are faced with the challenge of managing an explosion in data along with how to give a variety of users access to this information.  This session discusses how Qlik’s data analytics platform can meet this challenge.   By providing associative analytics to Big Data repositories, Qlik enables fast and engaging data discovery on massive data volumes while providing users with full access to all the details of the underlying data.

Breakout Session - Platform Qlik’s Multi-Cloud Roadmap: Empowering Your Cloud Strategy - Joe Bickley – Director or Product Management, Qlik and Denise LaForgia – Senior Product Marketing Manager, Qlik »

Cloud analytics adoption is growing rapidly as companies look to the benefits of cloud computing for reasons from cost and flexibility, to reaching new user groups. However, the pace and extent of a business’s cloud adoption depends on everything from security and compliance concerns to data location.  For a successful transition to cloud analytics, businesses need a solution that can access data in multiple locations, optimize computing across different environments, and provide a seamless experience across infrastructure. That’s why Qlik offers a multi-cloud solution, to allow customers to choose their ideal cloud analytics strategy at their own pace. In this session you will learn about the benefits of this approach and the new multi-cloud capabilities for Qlik Sense that allow you to blend on-premise, public, and private cloud private cloud infrastructure all within a governed deployment.

Breakout Session - Analytics Augmented Intelligence and the new Qlik Cognitive Engine - Elif Tutuk – Director of Qlik Research & Product Management, Qlik and Chris Mabardy – Director of Product Management, Qlik »

Join this session to learn about Qlik's strategy for AI (augmented intelligence) and our new cognitive engine that drives machine intelligence and automation in Qlik Sense.  Qlik's approach to AI is to combine human intuition with machine inteligence to unlock powerful discoveries.  This session will showcase current and planned AI capabilities, and how the cognitive engine works to provide users with insights and suggestions that harness their intuition.

Breakout Session - Data literacy How to drive data literacy within the enterprise - Jordan Morrow, Global Head of Data Literacy, Qlik »

What is data literacy?  How does data literacy help organizations realize the true potential and power of their data?  This session, presented by Qlik’s Global Head of Data Literacy Jordan Morrow, will help to illuminate what data literacy is, the large skills-gap that is present in the world today, and how organizations can put strong data literacy programs into place to help empower individuals to succeed with data.

Solution Experience Visit this interactive area to get access to information on analytics for specific industries and functions.

Product Experience Get access to information on the entire Qlik product and services portfolio.

Featured Keynote Speakers

Rick Jackson,
Chief Marketing Officer - Qlik
Bio »

Dan Vesset,
Group Vice President, Analytics and Information Management – IDC
Bio »

Poornima Ramaswamy,
Vice President, AI & Analytics Practice - Cognizant
Bio »

Dan Sommer,
Senior Director, Global Market Intelligence Lead - Qlik
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Qlik® is the leading data analytics platform and the pioneer of user-driven business intelligence. Its portfolio of cloud-based and on-premise solutions meet customers’ growing needs from reporting and self-service visual analytics to guided, embedded and custom analytics, regardless of where data is located. Customers using Qlik Sense®, QlikView® and Qlik® Cloud, gain meaning out of information from multiple sources, exploring the hidden relationships within data that lead to insights that ignite good ideas.

Qlik Virtual Forum is your opportunity to learn more about the latest advancements in analytics. More importantly, it’s your chance to discover how analytics can transform your business. The best part? It’s free and you can join from any device, anywhere.

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