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About 26 milliards d'objets connectes en 2020 selon Gartner. Comment exploiter cette masse de donnees et en tirer de la valour ?

Que ce soit en BtoC ou en BtoB, pour optimiser les process ou inventor de nouveaux services, l'IoT est un phenomene quo vous ne pouvez pas ignorer. Nos clients et nos partenaires ont des experiences et des cas d'usages a partager.

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A new generation of analytics in the cloud


Our highly scalable one-of-a-kind associative analytics engine, sophisticated AI, and multi-cloud architecture work in harmony with Amazon services. The result - an efficient analytics solution that can empower everyone in your organization to make better decisions daily, creating a truly data-driven enterprise.

Deploy on nodes or microservices


Create a scalable, secure and reliable analytics solution with a cost effective approach that fits your needs with Qlik’s multi-cloud architecture. Deploy to one or more nodes, using Amazon Elastic Cloud Service (EC2) or deploy to microservices using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS). Either way you can manage and scale your solution and securely access all your data and leverage the AWS services of your choice including Redshift, Directory Service and Relational Database Services.


Qlik has been collaborating with AWS for many years across Data Integration, Analytics, BI and Data Lake platforms, starting in 2012 with Attunity, now part of Qlik’s Data Integration Platform. Qlik is now an Advanced Tier Technology Partner with a number of competency certifications. Our collaboration provides customers with a unique combination of best of breed data integration and data analytics offerings on a leading public cloud platform. This accelerates enterprises’ move to the cloud - whether they deploy SaaS, serverless or traditional applications - to unleash insights from petabytes of data in near real-time.

- Mike Capone, CEO, Qlik

mesur.io revolutionizes data from the ground up with Qlik and AWS


mesur.io focuses on user needs from data, not on the data itself. Qlik Sense and AWS work together to seamlessly reveal insights and discoveries so customers can apply their resources where it matters most.


Qlik Sense on AWS Marketplace


Bring analytics into every decision with the benchmark in 3rd generation data analytics platforms. With Qlik Sense, everyone in your organization can use highly interactive visualizations powered by Qlik’s associative technology to make better decisions and find hidden insights missed by query based tools. Get started today by using the Qlik Sense Amazon Machine Image (AMI) on AWS Marketplace (BYOL, Bring Your Own License).

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