Must Watch Keynotes

Discover how to lead with data, and get inspired by our 2020 keynotes.

Helping You Lead with Data Through Challenging Times

The need to close the gap between data and outcomes has never been more important. Hear how leading companies are leveraging data and analytics more than ever to make pivotal decisions.

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From Data to Insights to Action

Discover how industry’s most complete end-to-end platform is enabling active intelligence.

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Accelerating Business Value through Data-Driven Transformation: Market Perspective & Real-World Stories

Get the latest trends in enterprise intelligence, including how organizations are optimizing their data pipelines to drive better insights and ultimately better business outcomes.

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Global Transformation Award Winners

See how data has transformed operations and business outcomes for these leading organizations.

Unmatched Innovation

Qlik accelerates business value through the use of data, driven by our innovative end to end platform

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Data Ops frees data for analysis leveraging modern and real-time Data Integration capabilities alongside a business-ready data catalog

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Augmented actionable analytics turn insights into actions and drive outcomes

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Driving a data-driven culture through industry-first Data Literacy consulting, education and services

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Move from Traditional BI to Active BI with our innovative approach and vision for Active Intelligence

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QlikWorld Online 2021

Learn how to activate your data in this free virtual event.