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Welcome to the Qlik Summer School 2016
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Extend, Integrate and Expand: Using the Qlik Sense® APIs to create a sea of possibilities

The APIs in Qlik Sense® offer direct access to the powerful QIX Engine, opening up huge possibilities for developers looking to extend, integrate, and expand the product.  In this session, Brian Munz, Director of Developer Relations, will show the various ways these APIs can be used to power incredible applications that range from Qlik's more traditional BI space to new and unexpected use cases.  An overview of the APIs will be presented as well as demos of these APIs in use.  Through this session, you should expect to come away with a better knowledge of, and appreciation for, the amazing possibilities of leveraging the Qlik Sense® APIs.

Brian Munz

Director of Developer Relations

Brian joined Qlik over 6 years ago when extensions were first introduced into QlikView.  Since then he's been immersed in extending and customizing the product from a web development perspective.  With the advent of the improved Qlik Sense® APIs, Brian started Qlik Branch and the Developer Relations team as a way to begin engaging and fostering a web developer community using our products to integrate and innovate.


The QIX Engine - Under the Hood

In this session you will get an overview of the internal logic of the QIX Engine: Symbol tables, Bit-stuffed indices, State spaces, Dollar expansions and Set analysis.

Henric Cronström

Vice President Products

Henric Cronström is the Technical Product Advocate at Qlik, where he has worked for most of the time since the company was founded. At Qlik, Henric has had several different roles: for the first few years in Qlik's history he was the Product manager for QlikView, and then he moved into solution implementation and training.  After many years in the field, including a role as manager for the technical staff in Qlik Germany, he returned to Sweden as deputy manager for the development organisation. His area of expertise is the product itself and includes advanced application development, scripting and data modelling. In his current role, his main task is technical product communication, on blogs, in the press and directly with large accounts and user groups. Henric has a doctorate in elementary particle physics from the University of Lund.


Qlik DataMarket: more insight through external data

Get a deeper understanding on how including external data with your internal data can lead to better insights with Qlik DataMarket. See how you can start using Qlik DataMarket today for free.

Josh Good

Director Product Marketing

In his role as Director of Product Marketing at Qlik, Josh is responsible for product marketing, messaging and go-to-market strategies for Qlik's Cloud and Freemium offerings. Josh has spent over 8 years in the BI and analytics space, as a customer, seller and marketer. In his 5 years at Qlik, Josh has held positions in presales and most recently Product Marketing. As a presales consultant he was a key member of innovating Qlik's go-to-market through inside sales. Prior to Qlik, Josh led business intelligence and analytics projects at a premium outdoor clothing company. He also has experience in government acquisitions and biomechanical research. Josh holds a Bachelor's of Applied Science and a Master's of Science from Queen's University. He currently resides in Vancouver, Canada.


Getting started with Widgets

Widgets are new with Qlik Sense® Enterprise 3.0 & give people with HTML/CSS familiarity ways to build additional design elements for use in the Qlik Sense® apps. In this session, get introduced to the concepts behind widgets, understand how they fit into the overall visualization model of Qlik Sense® Enterprise, and learn how to build your first widgets.  It is expected that those attending have working knowledge of HTML and CSS.

John Trigg

Director, Product Management - Qlik Analytics & Platform

John is a director of product management at Qlik, with a focus on the Qlik Analytics Platform. He has been a product manager at Qlik for over 8 years and has been involved in many aspects of the evolution of the Qlik product family. John has been a product manager since 1996 for a number of innovative software organisations delivering enterprise class products. He started his professional life as a programmer working on customer projects and finds that even though his programming skills are things of the distant past, the opportunity to work in the intersection between customers, partners and product development/delivery is still a thrill.


Performance optimizing your Qlik applications

Tips and tricks, tools to use, methodologies and things to look out for.

Lars Skage

Sr. Quality Analyst

Lars is working as a Quality Analyst with a focus on performance and application development. He has been with Qlik for over 8 years. He started as a pre-sales consultant and after that as the Global Services representative at the Scalability Center in Lund.