Advanced Visualisation and Analysis with Patrik Lundblad

Webinar | On-Demand

What are the innovations in visualisation?  And what is Qlik doing that no one else is doing in the visualisation community, what makes Qlik Sense the next generation of visualisation?

Qlik today is supporting innovative new summarisation techniques, and are instantly responsive to user interactions, changes in context from anywhere in the app, and different screen sizes and user interfaces.

During this webinar Patrik will explain how users can communicate insights and analyses using rich, interactive data stories that provide direct access to live analysis to answer follow-up questions. And, if time allows, Patrik might even touch upon what’s coming next from the academic world when it comes to visualisations.

Attend this webinar to learn from Qlik’s expertise and capabilities in advanced visualisation and analysis. You will get an overview of what is available in Qlik Sense today such as smart visualizations, mapping and storytelling

About the Presenter: Patrik Lundblad

Qlik Visualisation Advocate, has a PhD in visualisation and interaction and has been advocating best use practices in visualisation as a developer, writer and speaker. His first Qlik Sense app was built using the typical data he always starts with, social science data from World Data Bank.