Introduction to Visualisation: Are you using the Right Charts to bring Insights and Clarity?

Webinar | On-Demand

Do you know when to use scatter plots, stacked charts, lines histograms, pie charts or tree maps? Because there can be so many different ways to visualise your data, it helps to have a basic guideline to follow.

Watch this webinar, and you will leave with a practical guideline on which data visualisations to use in every situation. Patrik will also provide an overview of the main trends in visualisation, and how Qlik Sense is supporting those today.

About the Presenter: Patrik Lundblad

Qlik Visualisation Advocate, has a PhD in visualisation and interaction and has been advocating best use practices in visualisation as a developer, writer and speaker. His first Qlik Sense app was built using the typical data he always starts with, social science data from World Data Bank.