Analytics to Optimize US NAVY and US Marine Corps Mission Readiness

In this webinar we will demonstrate how the Navy and USMC can use the Qlik self-service analytics platform to improve its mission readiness across its personnel, equipment, fleets, and more. Join us to see the Qlik NAVY/USMC Readiness Application from an end user’s point-of-view to visualize critical readiness imperatives such as:

  • Mobilization scenarios
  • Training exercise schedules
  • Deployable unit numbers
  • Equipment, maintenance, parts, and service status
  • Sailor, Pilot, and Soldier Profiles
  • Other real-life use cases

Join us to see how Qlik can rapidly bring together readiness data from multiple silo-ed sources to create a unified, strategic picture of the Navy’s and USMC’s readiness positions. Qlik enables our DOD customers to be ready to fight and achieve its missions today, supporting the imperatives from SECNAV Spencer’s fleet-wide Strategic Readiness Review (SRR) and GEN Neller’s Commanders Readiness Handbook to be Complete, Accurate, and Timely.

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Danny Langley
Senior Solution Architect
Qlik Federal
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