Data Warehouse Automation Workshop Series

Join us for a 2-hour, hands-on, on-line workshop and see how Qlik’s Data Integration platform greatly accelerates your organization’s transition to cloud analytics.

Key Workshop Take-aways:

  • Learn how transactional data can be streamed into Snowflake, Redshift, or Synapse easily.
  • Explore how to automate the modeling and transformation of that data for real-time analytics.
  • Work with our visual design environment to customize and autogenerate ELT to update your warehouse in small increments throughout the day.
  • Experience how easy it is to generate on-Demand, real-time, DataMarts.
  • See how these analytic ready data sets can be published within your organization with Qlik’s data cataloguing solution.

Who should attend:

Anyone familiar with Data Warehousing or Analytics looking to automate their transition to the cloud; Enterprise architects, Data Engineers, DBA’s, and Business Intelligence professionals

Register early to receive a printed copy of the workbook!  Those who register at least 5 business days in advance will be shipped a hard copy of the workbook that will be used during the workshop. (Note, shipping information will not be added to our database.)

The workshop is being repeated weekly through August 18th - so pick your preferred date and register today! 

Suggested Materials for Pre-Reading:

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If you are interested in attending a future Data Warehouse Automation Workshop, please email [email protected].


This workshop will be run on Tuesdays for 8 weeks, alternating start times each week between 12pm EDT and 2pm EDT.

Cloud Warehouse Automation Workshop
20 minutes
QDI Platform Overview, Workshop Overview
20 minutes Stream data from OLTP to an EDW»

Configure and run a CDC streaming task from OLTP to EDW. 

25 minutes
Model and deploy your EDW »

Reverse engineer OLTP source(s) to help create an EDW Data Model and create the EDW.

15 minutes
ELT Code Generation »

Auto-generate and run ELT code to populate the EDW in batch and in small increments throughout the day. 

15 minutes
Provision real-time Data Marts »

Use a wizard to easily provision real-time DataMarts. 

10 minutes
Stream committed transactions through to your Data Mart »

Execute an OLTP transaction and follow it through to the DataMart.

5 minutes Publish Data Marts to the Qlik Data Catalogue »

Publish your DataMart to the enterprise with Qlik Catalog. 

10 minutes


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