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Qlik® lets you combine all your data sources, ask your own questions, and get answers instantly. IT professionals can leverage QlikView dashboards to:

  • Improve data governance, security, and scalability
  • Spot underused systems and applications
  • Predict emerging technology needs in support of strategic business initiatives

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Helpdesk Management video

This video shows how IT can use the Helpdesk Management dashboard to easily track, analyze, and manage IT case queues.

Helpdesk Management demo app

After you’ve seen how the helpdesk app works, try it for yourself. Analyze backlogs, explore case activity, and dig into the details that can help optimize IT performance.

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Qlik® customer spotlight

"Within three hours, we installed the QlikView software on a server, loaded the data and built the dashboard. What had previously taken us months was done in hours with QlikView."

- Simon Turner, Group IT Director, Haymarket Media Group

"We improved developer productivity by 88% with help of QlikView. This is the most important achievement"

- Andrey Dmitriev, Head of Development Heinz Russia, IT department

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