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Qlik Customer Spotlight: The Rise of Data Literacy and Spotlight on SunTrust Bank

Data literacy: why it matters and how it’s improving business performance at SunTrust Bank.

Just one in five employees feel data literate in their job – confident managing, analyzing and interrogating data.

Watch this webinar to discover why data literacy is essential for businesses that want to unlock the hidden insights in their data. And discover how financial services firms like SunTrust Bank are improving data literacy and using Qlik® data analytics to get more value from their data.

In this webinar, our Global Head of Data Literacy Jordan Morrow examines why this issue is now mission-critical for today’s businesses. Then he shares a Q&A with Adam Moore, a data literacy expert and Qlik® customer at SunTrust Bank. Watch the webinar and learn:

  • What’s causing today’s growing data literacy gap and how to tackle it
  • The value of building a data literate workforce and the impact on performance
  • How SunTrust Bank uses data insights to make better decisions in areas such as customer experience, branch planning, security and compliance.

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Adam Moore
Strategic Supplier Diversity Manager , SunTrust Banks
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Jordan Morrow
Global Head of Data Literacy, Qlik
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