Slow to implement. Expensive to maintain. Unresponsive to changing demands. Onsite data warehouses are a challenge. But cloud data warehouses are here to change the game. With an array of agile, affordable, and flexible new solutions, the market is growing fast.

When you’re trying to implement analytics initiatives that take full advantage of all your data, cloud data warehouses are a powerful ally. At the webinar The Data Warehouse Comeback: How the Cloud is Accelerating Insights, a guest speaker from Forrester, plus speakers from TDWI, and Attunity, a Division of Qlik, will discuss all the benefits and reveal:

  • How current solutions differ
  • How to build multi-cloud data warehouse architectures
  • Why data warehouse automation is great for driving agile analytics

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Noel Yuhanna
Principal Analyst Serving Enterprise Architecture Professionals, Forrester
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David Stodder
Senior Director of TDWI Research for business intelligence, TDWI
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Clive Bearman 
Senior Director of Product Marketing
Attunity, a division of Qlik
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