Insurance Industry Webinar

Digital Transformation: The Amazing Visual Analytics Journey at State Auto

Founded in 1921, State Auto Insurance Companies manage 28 personal lines and 33 commercial lines of insurance solutions. They have a $4B asset portfolio and have 23,000 independent insurance agents. To be effective, they need to answer important business questions and make informed decisions. Everyone in the organization needs to be empowered to do both – using data.

What makes State Auto different is how they use all of their data.

In this webinar, see the digital transformation at State Auto, thanks to self-service visual analytics from Qlik and the Analytics Accelerator for Insurance (AAI) from Deloitte. They are now able to answer questions quickly, such as “Why is profitability trending downward?” and “Why are certain products and geographies less profitable?”

Join us for the success story and The Amazing Analytics Journey at State Auto where you'll see:

  • A view of State Auto’s scalable enterprise data warehouse, equipped with self-service analytics for product management, pricing analytics, corporate actuarial, quote analytics, and financial reporting
  • How State Auto piloted in 5 states, then expanded to other states much more quickly than expected – at ½ the anticipated cost
  • How Qlik’s associative model goes beyond query-based tools and enables insurance professional end users to discover and explore data from a wide variety of sources
  • A short demo of the Deloitte AAI solution.

Suresh Dandu
Director of Data Strategy, State Auto Insurance Companies
Brandon Germer
Manager, Deloitte Analytics & Information Management
Pete Leddy
Director Industry Solutions, Qlik

Digital Transformation: The Amazing Visual Analytics Journey at State Auto

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