Qlik Federal Summit 2018

It’s your data, your analytics, and your opportunity to take your learning to the next level. Welcome to Qlik Federal Summit where innovation comes together with the latest thinking and best practices to propel you and your agency forward with the power of data analytics.

Qlik Federal Summit is a one-day event that brings together data experts and enthusiasts who are transforming how federal government accesses, analyzes and shares data. Our agenda is packed with insights, best practices and use cases that explore how new and traditional data sources can blend together to improve public service.

Date: May 17, 2018 
Time: 8:15 AM – 4:15 PM (Registration and breakfast begins at 7:30 AM)
Venue: Ronald Reagan Building, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC
Cost: Free to attend, but space is limited. Please register today!

Why Should You Attend?

•   Hear from thought leaders and network with your peers
•   Gain a better understanding of how data analytics drives better decision making, reduces time and costs, and delivers quick, visible results to citizens
•   Meet with Qlik experts to learn about the latest product updates and solutions 
•  Earn 6 CPE credits from the Performance Institute

Who Should Attend?
The agenda will be packed with valuable presentations relevant to these areas in government:

•    Finance & Procurement
•    IT & Security
•    Law Enforcement/Public Safety
•    Public Health
•    Education
•    Workforce/Human Capital
•    Supply Chain

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Time Description
General Session
7:30 – 8:15am Breakfast & Registration

More information coming soon...

8:15 – 9:30am Qlik Product Vision & Commitment to Supporting the Federal Analytics Journey - Mike Capone, CEO, Qlik, Mike Saliter, VP, Global Consulting and Customer Success, Qlik and Dustin Baxa, Senior Solution Architect, Qlik »

Learn about Qlik’s product vision and roadmap, as well as our commitment to supporting the Federal analytics journey. Specifically, we will discuss digital transformation, Qlik’s role in fostering data literacy, and will showcase our product innovations with live demonstrations.

9:30 – 10:00am Improving Disaster Response - David Burke, VP, Programs & Field Operations, Team Rubicon »

A former Captain in the Marine Corps, David Burke will share how his organization uses analytics to unite the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams.

10:00 – 10:30am New Discoveries - How World War II Military Records are Transformed into Usable Data - Josh Frank, Research Analyst, Europe-Mediterranean Operations, Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency and Chris McDermott, CDO, Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency »

Historians and research analysts of the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency have used military records collected from the National Archives to compile data on World War II aircraft losses. Their researchers use their collected data to locate aircraft crash sites and make comparisons and associations with aircraft loss incidents that involve still unaccounted-for American service members.

10:30 – 11:00am Break

11:00 – 11:30am The Future of Data Management - Scott Buchholz, Chief Technology Officer, Deloitte Federal Government Practice »

Scott Buchholz is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Government Practice. He has over 25 years of experience in technology innovation, technology-enabled business transformations, from optimization to full life cycle implementations. He will discuss the future of data management, including big data, machine learning, and data-driven decision making.

11:30 – 12:10pm Predicting Behavior to Out-maneuver Adversaries - William C. Busch, Chief, Analysis Division, Foreign Intel Directorate at Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2, HQ Dept of the Army »

Understanding and predicting behavior is key in out-maneuvering adversaries or providing optimal services. Machine learning is making it possible to tackle increasingly complex behaviors, but is has been limited in application because data often does not have the regularity, completeness, and reliability required to directly train machine learning models. This forces data to be unused, aggregated, or manipulated to fit the requirements of fragile algorithms which can’t handle sparsity, normalization, sample error, and other issues. These challenges require staff skilled in statistics, programming, and business to understand and navigate. Celect reduces these challenges, bringing self-service data science to business analysts much as Qlik does for data exploration. Together, Celect and Qlik provide the toolkit to allow the “common man” to tackle complex problems like predicting world events, simulating the outcomes of decisions, or identifying anomalous ship traffic.

12:15 – 1:15pm Lunch

More information coming soon...

Breakout Session
Time The Analytics Journey Innovations in Analytics Best Practices in Mission Support
1:15 – 2:00pm Navigating the Enterprise Analytics Journey featuring the Indian Health Service - Jake Bitner, CEO, Qlarion » Leveraging Advanced Analytics - Danny Langley, Senior Solution Architect, Qlik »  Philadelphia Tackles Public Challenges with Comprehensive Data Analytics - Dr. Keren Zuniga McDowell, Director, District Performance Office, The School District of Philadelphia and Dan Butcher, Senior Analyst, PECO Energy Co. »

Transforming your agency into a data-driven organization requires commitment to developing your agency’s Enterprise Analytics capabilities over time. In this session you will learn about the stages of that journey through the lens of the Enterprise Analytics Maturity Model. You will learn to identify where your agency stands today and what you need to do to mature your capabilities and reach for higher levels of value. Leadership from the Indian Health Service will join the session to share their experience and insights from their journey as they transform their agency through analytics.

In this session, you will learn how advanced analytics integration in Qlik allows users to interact with and explore advanced calculations from third-party engines such as R, Python, Matlab, Spark, etc.

Part 1: The School District of Philadelphia is transforming School Climates with Qlik applications by driving attendance improvement and reducing suspensions focusing on student subgroups and dis-proportionality. Part 2: PECO Energy Co., a subsidiary of Exelon Corp, capitalizes on smart grid data to improve storm response - reducing overall outage time. PECO is literally bringing light to dark areas of understanding by circumventing a spaghetti system of aged reports and dashboards to enable senior management to make real-time, strategic field deployment decisions in both high and low urgency scenarios.
2:10 – 2:55pm The National Institutes of Health's Analytics Journey - Andrew Kelly, Acting Deputy Budget Officer, NCATS,
National Institutes of Health »
Improving Data Literacy & Public Communication at EPA - Breanna Knowpow, Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water, Environmental Protection Agency »
Air Force Acquisition Enterprise Analytics: Managing a $50 Billion Acquisition Portfolio - John Cole, CTO, Integrated Data Services »

This session will cover the process of how the National Institutes of Health brought 28 separate organizations together to solve a common data analytics problem. The NIH’s Institutes and Centers had to agree on data governance, applications development, and training. Fostering a community proved to be an essential part of the journey. This session will cover lessons learned as well as the path forward.

Learn how the EPA is establishing a culture of data literacy, focused on educating both employees and citizens in the use of environmental data. Hear the strategies and tactics the agency has used to grow its analytics deployment of Qlik Sense to more than 3,000 users, and see the how they’re making critical information around the Toxics Release Inventory available to the public

Learn how IDS is leveraging the power of Qlik Sense Enterprise to create a data analytics platform for The Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (SAF/AQ). With over twenty years of experience integrating data from various DoD Program and Financial Management systems, IDS is at the forefront of the Air Force’s initiative to provide self-service data discovery, visualization, and analytic capabilities to the Air Force Acquisition workforce. By coupling our extensive domain knowledge with the power of Qlik Sense Enterprise, IDS is revolutionizing how the Air Force Acquisition community consumes and uses data.

3:05 – 3:50pm Evolution of Health Analytics in Improving Quality of Care - Michael S. Weiner, DO MSM MSIST, Chief Medical Information Officer, Halfaker & Associates » Making better location-related decisions with Qlik GeoAnalytics - Adam Jacobs, Federal Solution Architect, Qlik »

Workforce Analytics - Kevin Brathwaite, Director, Grant Thornton »

In this session, you’ll learn how operational and clinical leaders are using data to identify opportunities for using health information technology to support agency priorities.

See how Qlik GeoAnalytics provides comprehensive mapping capabilities to support the mission. We’ll walk through live demonstrations that highlight how agencies can use mapping to reveal crucial geospatial information and expose hidden geographic relationships.

This session will discuss how agencies are using analytics to provide insights into the current state of their workforce, make comparisons to peer agencies, and understand which of your activities may be at risks due to attrition. During our live demonstration, we will explore and compare FEVS scores, identify future gaps due to potential retirement, gain insight into staffing needs, and more.


Mike Capone
CEO, Qlik

Scott Buchholz
Federal Chief Technology Officer, Deloitte

Mike Saliter
VP, Global Consulting and Customer Success, Qlik

David Burke
VP, Programs & Field Operations,
Team Rubicon

Andrew Kelly, M.B.A.
Acting Deputy Budget Officer, NCATS,
National Institutes of Health

John Cole
Chief Technology Officer,
Integrated Data Services

Brian Frutchey
Vice President,
NuWave Solutions

William C. Busch
Chief, Analysis Division, Foreign Intel Directorate at Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2, HQ Dept of the Army

Jake Bitner
CEO, Qlarion

Josh Frank
Research Analyst, Europe-Mediterranean Operations, Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency

Chris McDermott
Chief Data Officer, Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency

Dr. Keren Zuniga McDowell
Director, District Performance Office The School District of Philadelphia

Dan Butcher
Senior Analyst,
PECO Energy Co.

Michael S. Weiner
DO MSM MSIST, Chief Medical Information Officer, Halfaker & Associates

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Date: May 17, 2018 | Time: 8:15 AM - 4:15 PM

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.