Surviving – and thriving – in a world built on data.

Speaking of Data Executive Webinar Series

For years, you’ve heard analysts call data “the new oil,” a raw material that can be refined into a valuable asset. But today, data is more important even than that. Data is now “the new water” – not just an asset but an essential ingredient for survival. If you don’t use it, and use it well, you’ll be left behind.

How do Fortune 500 and Global 500 organizations stay out front in the data-utilization race? That’s the question we’ll answer in Speaking of Data, a five-part executive webinar series hosted by Qlik®. You’ll hear from IDC and executives from HSBC, Novartis, Cognizant and HDFC covering topics such as:
  • Overcoming the self-service analytics pitfalls
  • Scaling the data monetization mountain
  • Winning the data literacy game
  • Going beyond the AI hype

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Executive Webinar Series

Data Is More than an Asset:

Why 87% of CXOs Are Prioritizing Enterprise Intelligence

Qlik CMO Rick Jackson interviews guest speaker IDC analyst Dan Vesset about the new IDC study showing a close correlation between better data use and higher efficiency, revenue and profits. Together, they’ll discuss the results, explore the top benefits of a data and analytics pipeline and explain how poor data use is leaving companies behind.

  • Now Available on-demand
  • Speakers : Rick Jackson, Dan Vesset
Overcoming User Chaos with Next-Gen BI:

HSBC Optimizes User-Driven Analytics with Centralization and Governance

Qlik CEO Mike Capone interviews Rakshit Kapoor, CDO at global financial giant HSBC, about how his company tackled and mastered the user chaos brought about by self-service analytics. Topics include when (and when not to) deploy autonomy, how to optimize governance and where to federate versus decentralize.

  • Now Available on-demand
  • Speakers : Mike Capone, Rakshit Kapoor
What Real Data Leadership Looks Like:

Novartis Embeds Analytics and Consumerizes Data Across All Processes

Qlik Executive VP Poornima Ramaswamy speaks with Loic Giraud of Novartis about how his company has taken a data-forward approach to reinvention – embedding analytics and consumerizing data in every function, process and product to truly lead the new paradigm.

  • Now Available on-demand
  • Speakers : Poornima Ramaswamy, Loic Giraud
Convincing 300,000 People to Use Data:

How Cognizant Transformed an Entire Workforce Culture

Qlik CDO Joe DosSantos interviews Julie Carpenter, CDO of Cognizant, about her company’s success in enacting a massive cultural shift in which all 300,000 employees now successfully leverage data for making decisions.

  • Now Available on-demand
  • Speakers : Joe DosSantos, Julie Carpenter
Refusing to Fall for the AI Hype:

HDFC Explains How to Evaluate AI with a Critical Eye

Qlik Executive VP Poornima Ramaswamy is joined by Francis Rodrigues, Senior Vice President at HDFC Life, to discuss how his team successfully uses pattern analysis for fraud prevention and detection – and how he takes a level-headed, incremental approach to the use of AI.

  • Now Available on-demand
  • Speakers : Poornima Ramaswamy, Francis Rodrigues

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