Qlik® webinar: Using Data Literacy to Build an Insights-Driven Culture
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In today’s world, data is being generated and consumed at unimaginable rates — so to keep up in this analytics economy, individuals and organizations need to become more data literate. But in a recent Qlik® study(1), only 17% of those surveyed felt they were. Are you part of the 17% data literate…or the 83% who are data illiterate?

Are you and your company set up to compete or will you fall to defeat in today’s analytics economy?

Register for the Qlik webinar featuring Forrester, Using Data Literacy to Build an Insights-Driven Culture, with our guests Jennifer Belissent, Forrester Principal Analyst, and Jordan Morrow, Qlik Head of Data Literacy, to find out. Get their perspectives on:

  • Why you can’t afford NOT to be insights driven 
  • How Chief Data Officers are uniquely positioned to lead the charge for data literacy
  • What you can do to fill the skills gap in your organization

Becoming data literate is no longer an option in today’s data-driven world — it’s a must. Join us to learn how to promote data literacy and an insights-driven culture in your organization.

(1) Source: Qlik's Data Literacy Survey, September 2017

About the speakers:

Jennifer Belissent, Ph.D.
Principal Analyst Serving Customer Insights Professionals - Forrester

Jennifer serves business insights professionals and their partners with research that examines the tools and services that help organizations better use and share data. Jennifer is particularly interested in the data economy. Her research focuses on strategies for developing and delivering data products and services; the emergence of alternative data sources and marketplaces; and the rise of insights services providers to help companies leverage complex data and analytics technologies and methodologies. Jennifer is also interested in the role of data and technology in transforming government. She has written and spoken extensively on smart cities, spanning open data initiatives, citizen engagement, the internet of things, and connected urban infrastructure. Jennifer's research and analysis have appeared in media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Time, Computer Weekly, and CIO Magazine. She has also published in numerous academic journals and spoken widely at academic and business events.

Jordan Morrow
Qlik Global Head of Data Literacy

Jordan is focused on helping individuals and organizations realize their data and analytical potential by bringing to light and enhancing skills in data literacy. When not found within data and analytics, I can be found with my family or trail running the mountains of Utah.


Available Now On-Demand