Qlik® Webinar Featuring Deloitte, Citi and WSJ. Custom Studios
Extending Analytics to the Edges of Financial Services

Financial services firms across banking, capital markets and insurance are using data analytics to better understand customer needs, predict future behavior, develop products, and generate sales.

But there’s a problem. Many organizations struggle with unraveling the complexity of this information and enabling self-service access to front line employees, the people who establish and maintain relationships with customers. 

How do your peers handle this problem—and how can you address it in your own organization? Qlik partnered with WSJ. Custom Studios and surveyed 300 decision-makers in financial services regarding their plans to enable front line employees with self-service analytics. 

Watch now On Demand the roundtable webinar Extending Analytics to the Edges of Financial Services. Representatives from Qlik®, WSJ. Custom Studios, Citi and Deloitte will share results from the survey and discuss a variety of topics, including: 

  • Challenges and opportunities when deploying self-service analytics
  • Unique customer examples and success stories
  • Common analytics use cases across banking, insurance and capital markets


Fara Warner - Global Editorial Director, WSJ Custom Studios

J.R. Reed - Senior Manager, Deloitte

Duncan Ash - Senior Director, Global Financial Services at Qlik

Abraham Ouano, Director, Team Leader of Global Investment Lab, Citi

WSJ Deloitte

Extending Analytics to the Edges of Financial Services