Grow your business with external facing BI and analytics

Strengthen your relationships with customers, vendors and partners
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BI dashboards and apps have, for years, helped companies utilize data to make better decisions.
Organizations are now looking to also fulfill needs beyond the traditional internal audience. These innovative organizations explore how BI and analytics can strengthen relationships and create new value for their customers, partners, suppliers and the public community.
But how do these apps differ from conventional BI systems — and what do those differences bring? How should you create and implement these apps — and for what purpose. What’s driving the outward focus, and what opportunities do external-facing BI apps bring to companies, partners, consumers and suppliers alike?

This webinar will answer these and other questions about external-facing BI, and to share what we’ve learned at Qlik developing these apps for major companies across a range of industries.

You will learn about:
• Market, trends, value and future
• How other companies uses external BI and analytics
• How Qlik Analytics Platform works