Now more than ever, businesses are relying on data to guide their next moves. And traditional approaches to business intelligence just aren’t enough.

At the Data Revolution Virtual Summit, you’ll hear from industry leaders, data innovators and Qlik® executives as they explore the new data imperative from a number of angles. And you’ll learn about the latest trends, innovations and strategies for accelerating business value with data. Topics include:

  • Key data and analytics trends we’re seeing in today’s new normal
  • The acceleration of digital shifts, including COVID’s impact
  • New ways data and analytics are driving value in the current environment
  • How companies are achieving greater/faster ROI from data
  • Active Intelligence – what it looks like and how to get there with Qlik

The Virtual Summit is free, and you can join from any device. Register now to reserve your spot.

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Your new approach to data starts here.

Qlik Data Revolution Virtual Summit 2020
10:00 AM – 10:15 AM​​​ Welcome and Introduction
Paul Farmer
10:15 AM – 11:15​ AM​​​
Talkshow: The New Normal Is Not Normal BI »
Host: Robert Fleming, SVP, Global Field/Partner Marketing - Qlik
Guests from Qlik:
  • Mike Capone, CEO
  • James Fisher, Chief Product Officer
  • Elif Tutuk, EVP Innovation & Design
  • Poornima Ramaswamy EVP Strategic Clients
  • Dan Sommer Snr Director Market Intelligence.
From IDC: Dan Vesset Group VP Analytics & Information Management

The world has changed – and if you’re not reevaluating your approach to data, you could fall behind. In this keynote talk show, we’ll look at the new data imperatives from several angles – including key data trends, how COVID has accelerated digital shifts, new ways data is driving value and how businesses are already achieving faster ROI. We’ll also introduce Active Intelligence, a critical strategy for competing in the new normal – and explain how to achieve it using Qlik.

11:15 AM – 11:45​ AM​​​
Guest Keynote: How to be Human in the Age of the Machine »
Dr Hannah Fry
Associate Professor in the Mathematics, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL. Author and Broadcaster

We like to think of ourselves as master decision makers; as perfectly rational creatures, grounded in reason and logic. It’s a nice idea, but the reality is rather different. In truth, humans are a mess. There's a lot going on with us: competing incentives, dodgy memories and blind, impulsive biases.

The modern era of data analytics is, in some sense, an attempt to automate our decision making, iron out some of the fallibilities and biases built in to our choices. But decisions driven by data have blind spots too. And all this leaves us to a conundrum: humans are flawed, machines are flawed. So who do we want to leave in charge of our decision making? And how should we think about the interface between the two to bring about the best possible partnership between human and machine?

11:45 AM – 12:15 PM​​​ Single View of the Customer: BT Consumer and the Analytics Eco-System »
Presenters: Interview with Claire Ellison (Snr Head of Data Analytics) and Mike Gulvin (Data Visualisation lead), BT Group

Hear more about the BT Ecosystem Vision: the need to modernise our aging reporting estate and implement an all-encompassing landscape of customer insights, exploiting the 95% of customer data we have but don’t utilise. The challenge is that multiple brands are coming together, all with their own source systems, and it becomes more difficult to arrive at a single view of a customer. The vast data resources available from all the areas of business needs to be brought to life in meaningful, visual, insights. Mike will describe the unique implementation approach taken to build dedicated lenses for our business areas, linking to reusable Qlik apps to allow business users to drill into detail as required, and passing filters used so they see only the cohort of data of interest. Exploiting reuse has accelerated development, and offers a consistent approach for users. Adopting a design approach where any analytics is available in as few steps as possible.

12:15 PM – 13:00 PM​​​ Lunch Break/ Visit Expo Area
13:00 PM – 13:30 PM Qlik's Product Strategy & Roadmap »
Speaker: Kathy Hickey, Vice President, Product Management, Qlik
Partner customer - ASICS »
Find Your Business Drivers And Run At Full Speed
Speaker: Maurice Spruijt, EMEA Head of BI, Head of BI

Qlik’s vision is to create an Active Intelligence platform, combining Data Integration and Data Analytics capabilities to enable our customers to do business at the speed of data. This session will provide an overview of our product strategy and roadmap. You’ll hear about recent innovations in both Data Integration and Data Analytics, and you’ll get an inside look at our plans for new capabilities in 2020 and beyond.

A KPI is just a measure. Identifying the business drivers behind the KPIs leads your business to sprint. Maurice Spruijt, EMEA Head of Business Intelligence at ASICS, will share how BI helped gain control of their sales and supply processes during Covid-19. But also, how their future BI strategy based on business drivers proved to be a necessity to take more precise actions in the ever-shifting retail market.

13:30 PM – 14.00 PM Qlik Product: Data Integration »
Speakers: Dan Potter, VP Product Marketing, Qlik
Bob Vecchione, Senior Director, Product Management, Qlik

Partner customer - REIMA »
​Becoming a data-driven company with the help of Qlik technology​
Speaker: Jari Mäenanttila, Group ICT Director

Real-time data integration, automation and intelligent cataloging are at the foundation of our Active Intelligence vision. In this session, we’ll provide an overview of the key capabilities of Qlik Data Integration – and we’ll explain how you can use it to harness all the right data and deliver the best insights, all at the speed of business.

Reima's aim is to become data-driven company with help of Qlik technology. Qlik is in operative use in day-to-day decision making. Sales analytics enables better view to global operations in different sales channels (wholesale, retail, ecommerce). Finance reporting enables more efficient and streamlined finance operations. Supply-chain analytics aims to optimize order-to-cash process. Product analytics enables better decisions related to product mix. Common Analytics Platform reduces time from business need to analysis to business decision. Qlik is also utilized in driving Reima’s digital business, eCraft has for example created a customer portal for ReimaGO activity data. Global Qlik Sense Deployment with Qlik Licenses are available for everybody in Reima. Reima has Qlik Subscription model for 520 Users and they utilize the Common analytics platform.
14:00 PM – 14:30 PM​​​ Modernize Your QlikView® Deployments »
Speakers: Josh Good, Vice President, Product Marketing Data Analytics, Qlik
Nicole Tamms,​ Product Marketing​, Senior PMM, Qlik
Partner customer - AFRY Management​ Consulting »
The Digital Insight Platform​
Speaker: Jani Kaskinen, Senior Principal

QlikView is the bedrock of analytics for thousands of you. We know that your business is evolving and you want to keep up; therefore, it’s critical to understand data more deeply than ever before. Expanding your analytics possibilities doesn’t mean sacrificing your trusted QlikView apps and dashboards. This session will show you how to leverage the investment you’ve already made in QlikView to modernize BI by adopting Qlik Sense at your own pace without disrupting current operations. We’ll also share how you can lower the TCO of analytics by deploying and consuming both QlikView and Qlik Sense in the cloud.

This is the session you don´t want to miss. AFRY Management Consulting is realizing new global data-driven business streams and digitalizing the core of management consulting with the implementation of new Digital Insight Platform. Qlik technology as core component of the cloud platform, AFRY Management Consulting is able to automate end-to-end analytics value chain and provide personalized smart insight to its clients and other partners. Come to hear and see how this is done, what the smart solutions look like and what Agile DevOps is in practice with Cubiq Analytics.

14:30 PM – 15:00 PM Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS »
Speaker: Denise LaForgia, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Qlik
Partner customer - GIEK A/S
A fully automated, data-driven solution for public insight into Covid-19 loans for Norwegian companies
Speaker: Trond Skattenborg, Chief Digital Officer, GIEK​

Join us to hear about recent innovations in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS and view demos of the latest governance, administration, data connectivity and AI capabilities in the cloud. Whether you’re an existing QlikView® or Qlik Sense user or new to Qlik altogether, find out how Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS can minimize your organization’s total cost of ownership for analytics projects at scale. And get a preview of our cloud product roadmap around new features coming soon.

15:00 PM – 15:10 PM​​​​​​ Closing & Wrap-up - Paul Farmer

Meet the Data Revolutionaries

Dr. Hannah Fry
Associate Professor in Mathematics
Bio »

Michael Gulvin
Data Analytics and Data Visualisation Lead
Bio »

Claire Ellison
Head of Data Analytics, BT Group
Bio »

Jari Mäenanttila
Group ICT Director
Bio »

Jani Kaskinen
Senior Principal, AFRY Management Consulting, Finland
Bio »

Trond Skattenborg
Chief Digital Officer, GEIK
Bio »

Maurice Spruijt
Bio »

Mike Capone
Chief Executive Officer, Qlik
Bio »

Robert Fleming
Senior Vice-President, Global Field & Partner Marketing, Qlik
Bio »

Dan Sommer
Senior Director and global lead, Qlik
Bio »

Poornima Ramaswamy
Executive Vice President, Strategic Clients, Qlik
Bio »

James Fisher
Chief Product Officer, Qlik
Bio »

Elif Tutuk
Associate Vice President Innovation and Design, Qlik
Bio »


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About the Event

About the Virtual Summit

What You Can Expect

The Data Revolution Virtual Summit is your opportunity to learn more about the latest advancements in data integration and analytics. Just like a trade show or conference, our virtual summits are live events featuring scheduled presentations from keynote speakers, interactive sessions with thought leaders and subject matter experts, and genuinely helpful product demonstrations. The Summit is your chance to discover how data can transform your business. And the best part? It’s free – and you can join from any device.

About Qlik

Qlik’s vision is a data-literate world, where everyone can use data and analytics to improve decision-making and solve their most challenging problems. Qlik provides an end-to-end, real-time data integration and analytics cloud platform to close the gaps between data, insights and action. By transforming data into active intelligence, businesses can drive better decisions, improve revenue and profitability, and optimize customer relationships Qlik does business in more than 100 countries and serves over 50,000 customers around the world.

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