Qlik® Webinar: Embedded Analytics and the Drive toward Data Literacy
Boost your solutions with analytics and data literacy.

Decision makers today rely on data-driven insight just as much as experience or instinct. Rudimentary reporting capabilities is not enough, and business users are now demanding a broader and deeper set of tools to understand data and enhance decisions.

As a result, organizations have taken notice and made efforts to bolster their solutions with powerful analytics. Done right, this approach brings about enhanced data literacy.

In this webinar, Aberdeen and Qlik discuss key findings on embedded analytics, including:

  • Top challenges around data complexity and decision urgency
  • The user impact of an embedded approach to analytics
  • Leading strategies to embed analytics and empower customers

You’ll also hear about the changing landscape of embedded analytics, emerging use cases and check lists to consider during an embedded analytics evaluation.

About the speakers:

Michael Lock
SVP Research Aberdeen

Michael’s research focuses on business analytics and the usage of these vital tools and strategies among a growing base of non-technical, line-of-business decision makers. The research covers emerging trends such as self-service BI, collaborative analytics, operational intelligence, and embedded BI. Michael’s fact-based research explores the end-user’s perspective of business analytics and continually seeks to draw a connection between analytical activity and tangible, repeatable business performance.


Catherine Frye
Qlik’s Director, Product Marketing Qlik Analytics Platform & OEM

Catherine recently joined Qlik as a member of the Global Product Marketing team. She has 16+ years of experience in the Business Analytics market category including industry and line of business solution development and cloud BI. Catherine supports our initiatives for embedded analytics, the platform and our global OEM channel.

Embedded Analytics and the Drive toward Data Literacy
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