Data, decision-making, and you
Don’t let your data go unused

Data can transform your organization. But how do you speed-up access to hidden insights to become not just well informed, but the most informed?

The Qlik Sense Tour 2018 has the answers
Coming to a city near you soon, this exclusive one-day event helps you get up to speed and unlock actionable insights that could shape the future of your organization.

What you’ll learn from The Qlik Sense Tour 2018

  • Speak to Qlik experts:discover how you can maximize your data insights
  • You’ll hear from Qlik customers that are already getting real results using Qlik’s powerful data analytics platform
  • Why Qlik’s Associative Difference™ finds connections that other platforms miss

Get up to speed

Explore the full list of events and book your place today.

Date Location Register
29th May COPENHAGEN, hosted by Stretch GBL_2014_EM_BTN_RegisterNow_IMG.png
12th June COPENHAGEN, hosted by Itelligence GBL_2014_EM_BTN_RegisterNow_IMG.png
14th June AARHUS, hosted by Inspari GBL_2014_EM_BTN_RegisterNow_IMG.png
31st May HELSINKI, hosted by Climber GBL_2014_EM_BTN_RegisterNow_IMG.png
7th June HELSINKI, hosted by Cubiq GBL_2014_EM_BTN_RegisterNow_IMG.png
13th June OSLO, hosted by bWise GBL_2014_EM_BTN_RegisterNow_IMG.png
24th May STOCKHOLM, hosted by Climber GBL_2014_EM_BTN_RegisterNow_IMG.png
29th May MALMO, hosted by Climber GBL_2014_EM_BTN_RegisterNow_IMG.png
5th June STOCKHOLM, hosted by Exsitec GBL_2014_EM_BTN_RegisterNow_IMG.png
12th June GOTHENBURG, hosted by Advectas GBL_2014_EM_BTN_RegisterNow_IMG.png
14th June STOCKHOLM, hosted by Advectas GBL_2014_EM_BTN_RegisterNow_IMG.png