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  • I Presentation Theatre kan du se presentationer av branschledande talare och experter samt höra om de senaste trenderna och insikterna inom visuell dataanalys och Business Intelligence. 
  • I Discover Zone kan du hitta lokala kundcase och mycket mer information.
  • I avdelningen som heter Qlik Product Experience hittar du information om alla produkter som Qlik erbjuder.
  • Qlik Solutions Experience-avdelningen är interaktiv och här hittar du information om dataanalys för särskilda industrier eller funktioner.

Plats Presentatör Ämne/Beskrivning
10.00 - 10.30 Presentation Theatre

James Richardson and Dan Sommer

BI in 2020: The Gravitational Pull of Data & Analytics

2015 was a pivotal year for business intelligence (BI) software – the first year in which visual analytics and data discovery became the dominant approach, at least in terms of new projects. But that fact alone doesn’t tell the full story. In this session consider market dynamics and the ongoing shift in centricity around data, analytics, buying and selling. We'll look at how and why we’re experiencing a shift from power to empowerment, as a much broader segment of the professional population becomes data-driven. In addition, we’ll extrapolate forward and speculate on what factors may be relevant in 2020 and beyond when it comes to extracting value from information.

10.30 - 11.00 Presentation Theatre Donald Farmer

Innovation towards the Agile Data Enterprise

Business people today are often faced with two challenges - to make smarter decisions with data, and to make those decisions more quickly. Traditional business intelligence tools are simply not able to solve this problem. Neither are traditional data management practices. We need new ways to manage our data and our users. In fact, in every industry we need to solve these problems with our own unique perspective. New BI tools such as Qlik Sense can certainly help. But in this session, we’ll also explore how innovation strategy and new ways of thinking about business problems can lead not only to more agility, but to competitive advantages too.

11.00 - 11.30 Discover Zone -
Nordic QBar
Johan Magnusson, Associate Professor and researcher, Department of Applied IT, University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology; and Fredrik Thomsen, Qlik

Live Video Chat: IT as Drivers of Innovation

In the era of digitalization, the importance of the IT department is ever increasing. But are you delivering what the business needs when it comes to business innovation or are you stuck with the more traditional Governance models? How can you visualize your work within the IT department and free time to be spent in areas where innovation and business change are needed? In this Live Video Chat Johan Magnusson, will be talking to Fredrik Thomsen about how IT can and needs to become a strategic partner to the business in order enable business innovation, and how visualization can be a useful tool in this endeavor.

11.00 - 11.30 Qlik Solutions - Experience David Telford, Global Supply Chain Lead, Qlik

Supply Chain Webinar: Balancing priorities in the Supply Chain 

Balancing priorities in the supply chain remains a core challenge for businesses – increasingly complex data, technology innovation and an increasingly demanding consumer only serve to make this more challenging. See how Qlik allows you to see the Whole Story in your supply chain data and deliver competitive advantage. David will discuss how Qlik enables supply chain professionals to get competitive advantage from their supply chain data.     

11.30 - 12.00 Discover Zone -
Nordic QBar
Håkan Espenkrona and Dan Schultz, Management Consultants, MYSIGMA

Live Video Chat: Sales and Operations Planning at Alfa Laval

Join this session and listen to how Alfa Laval has created a customer integrated Sales & Operations Planning. Learn how Alfa Laval reduced their delivery lead time to a third from 36 weeks to 12 and reduced tied up capital with 20%. 

11.30 - 12.00 Discover Zone - Nordic QBar Sam Bäcknäs and Joakim Blomqvist, Qlik

Live Video Chat: Embedding Analytics with Qlik - Nordic Perspectives

Stay ahead of the competition and deliver maximum value to your customers. Examples from the Nordic region will be shared in this session.

11.30 - 12.00 Qlik Solutions-Experience David Bolton, Global Industry Solution Director for Healthcare, Qlik

Healthcare Webinar: How Healthcare Analytics can Improve Quality of Care and Patient Satisfaction 

As healthcare costs rise and health levels fall, both public and privately-funded healthcare environments are shifting away from paying for service volume and toward paying for service value. This fundamental shift is shining a light on how healthcare systems can improve quality of care and patient satisfaction while reducing costs through more efficient delivery. Join David as he discusses how applying visual analytics to electronic healthcare data is providing stakeholders in clinical, operational and financial roles with unprecedented insight.   

11.30 -12.00 Qlik Solutions- Experience

Paul Winsor, Director, Market Development for Retail & Services Industries, Qlik


Retail Webinar: The Changing Retail Landscape and How Visual Analytics Let you Stay Ahead of It

Retail is going through big changes that are shaking the very foundations of the industry. Online and mobile commerce are growing, but they haven’t caught up to retail’s sales engine: the store. Still the primary sales channel, having stores located where your customers are is imperative and recognising stores are now transforming into customer engagement centers. Listen to how Visual Analytics at the point of decision can help you make deepen the insights and lets all your retail employees answer questions, share discoveries, and see the whole story hidden in your data.

12.00 - 12.30 Presentation Theatre Anthony Deighton

Qlik Product Portfolio and Product Innovation

Hear from Qlik’s Chief Technology Officer, Anthony Deighton, about how Qlik is innovating in the area of Visual Analytics. Anthony will provide an update on Qlik’s product strategy, visual analytics platform and suite of product offerings. He will then demonstrate some key areas of product innovation.

12.30 - 13.00 Presentation Theatre Victor Alias and Xavier Martí

From historical static numbers to innovative business value

Almirall is a global company with headquarters in Barcelona, dedicated to providing valuable medicines through its R&D, agreements and alliances. Victor Alias (Corporate Commercial Effectiveness and Sales Incentives Manager) and Xavier Martí (BT Business Process Specialist) will share how their successful IT and Business partnership has transformed the business intelligence approach and the way the business is supported.  This initiative has been a complete revolution in the approach to support the commercial organization within Almirall – moving from a data collector’s role to an insights provider’s role in a 26 weeks project.  During this huge change management project the perception of the technology department has transformed into becoming a crucial business partner, adding real value by allowing the business to be data driven uncovering new opportunities. You will also see how simplicity turns out to be the key to success and how the journey of business intelligence is further evolving.

13.00 - 13.30 Discover Zone - Nordic QBar Magnus Larsson and Jerry Olsson, Systems Analysts, Qlik

Live Video Chat: Qlik at Qlik - Data Governance at Qlik

At Qlik we are active users of our own systems with over 1800 users and 400 applications. Listen to how the [email protected] team empower Business with Data Discovery and user-defined, self-service BI without compromising Security & Governance.

13.00 -13.30 Discover Zone - Nordic QBar Jacob Vinzent and Janne Viberg, Solution Architects, Qlik

Live Video Chat: Why Qlik Sense Cloud?

In this session Jacob and Janne will discuss how Qlik Sense Cloud is meeting a demand in the market for analysis whenever the need arises. They will touch upon use cases and talk about how it actually works.

13.00 - 13.30 Discover Zone -
Dennis van Velzen, CTO, AFAS

OEM Webinar: AFAS integrates Qlik Sense to “inspire for better business” 

Full integration of Qlik Sense in AFAS’ ERP software allows their customers to see the whole story within their data through 44 pre-defined dashboards (220 Sheets/1.040 visualizations). Join Dennis van Velzen, CTO AFAS, at the Qlik OEM booth to learn why AFAS decided to offer Qlik Sense to all their customers, and about their continued efforts to make sure customers get the full benefits of the Qlik inclusion. Dennis’ presentation and demo will be followed by an interactive chat session. 

13.30 - 14.00 Discover Zone -
Nordic QBar
Andrus Jõgi, Estonia Ministry of Finance; and Harri Häkämies, Qlik

Live Video Chat: State Finances Accessible for all Citizens

Join this Live Video Chat where Andrus Jõgi from the Estonian Ministry of Finance will share the story behind the State Finance application that is live for all citizens in Estonia. This online Business Intelligence application, built by Qlik’s partner Infovara, visualizes Estonian government sector accounting information so that citizens can view, download, compare and analyze the data to understand where their tax payments go.
This initiative provides the citizens with a new level of transparency, openness and accessibility of central government, local governments, social security funds and other entities. All the data is available on this Qlik application to be explored in unlimited ways.

13.30 - 14.00 Qlik Solutions- Experience Duncan Ash, Senior Director of Global Financial Services, Qlik; and Anil Nagaraj, Senior Director, Cognizant

Financial Services Webinar: Digital Disruption – Managing Business Performance In the new Financial Services World 

There is a monumental shift occurring within the financial services sector as organisations are forced to reinvent their service offerings and operations. In midst of a digital disruption let by non-conventional Fintech companies and empowered digital consumers, banks and insurance providers need to devise new ways of customer satisfaction and derive operational efficiency across channels, both new and old - all of which is now possible through analytics - if the right tools are in place. Join Duncan and Anil as they discusses the major disruptive forces in the financial services market and how organizations can manage their business performance better with analytics.

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