Inspiration Session: Embedded Analytics for Competitive Advantage

61% of Insight-driven enterprises who chose to embed analytics within their solutions, have gained competitive advantage through product differentiation (Aberdeen Group, January 2017).

The Qlik UK OEM team are delighted to welcome you to our Inspiration Session: Embedded Analytics for Competitive Advantage.

Venue Address: Holiday Inn, Reading, M4 jct10, RG41 5TS (View Venue)

For many software vendors and information providers, embedded analytic tools are no longer an option for their product or service - they are a requirement!

Your end user customers need:
• Insight in context at the point of decision, embedded within the familiar workflow of their business applications

As an industry leading solution provider you need to:
• Leverage embedded analytics to strengthen your product offering, enhance customer satisfaction and open new revenue streams

Come and join Qlik and explore the latest best in class analytics innovations and integrations, and gain an understanding of how you could implement embedded analytics into your offerings to gain competitive advantage...

The session will cover:
The Inevitability of Great Technology, Great Modern BI
A fun and interactive session, evaluation of 3 proposed inevitabilities in the UK market, which suggest demand for great Business Intelligence from our customers may overtake supply (in terms of scale, sophistication, and simplicity)

Technology Trends – Qlik’s perspective
How Qlik fits in the world of other complementary ISVs, and how major themes are having a positive impact on Qlik success.  Can you beat your competition by embracing some of these technology themes with your product offerings?

Adopting an Embedded Analytics Strategy
Adopting an embedded analytics strategy and not sure where to begin or what to consider?  During this session we will discuss the factors driving the need for embedded analytics, the key evaluation criteria to consider when embedding analytics in web, enterprise applications or OEM solutions, and how Qlik can answer your specific needs.

3 Big New Ideas in Business Intelligence
In this session we’ll review Qlik’s point of view on 3 key areas on innovation emerging and shaping the future of Business Intelligence. Looking at techniques for handling big data, the emerging reality of cloud deployments in enterprises and how BI itself needs to evolve to deliver different and faster insights, the session will introduce you to how Qlik sees requirements of enterprises being met in the future

Customer Case Studies
Throughout the session you’ll hear various customer testimonials about the benefits of embedding analytics for competitive advantage.

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