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Can you make fact based decisions that change your world?
In today’s fast moving world there is a need to make smart decisions faster than ever before, anywhere and at any time. Everyone has data but it is how you use the data that makes a difference. The Qlik Virtual Forum* 2015 is designed to help you learn about the latest strategies, tools, solutions and tactics to enable you to visualise the data that matters and discover insights almost instantly.

The agenda features a wealth of insightful presentations and content designed to share best practices and bring you the very latest that Qlik has to offer. Topics and speakers include:

Self-Service Analytics: From Static Reporting to Dynamic Discovery
Surya Mukherjee, Senior Analyst, Ovum
Personal Analytics. Punk Analytics. Pick up your data and play.
James Richardson, Business Analytics Strategist, Qlik
Fast & Curious: How to quickly get to your data and ask any question
Anthony Deighton, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Products, Qlik
Analyse to Innovate - Putting Data At the Heart of Your Strategy
Donald Farmer, Vice President Innovation and Design, Qlik
– Content spanning industries and functions such as Sales, Marketing, HR, IT and Finance.


Surya Mukherjee (Ovum) – Self-Service Analytics: From Static Reporting to Dynamic Discovery

The value of analysing data is enjoying a meteoric rise in profile among business users, evident from growing user evangelism of data analytics—often referred to as data activism. For most enterprises today, self-service and visual analytics solutions cannot be a "yes we do" or "no we don't" discussion. Organisations that ignore the prevalence and virally expanding popularity of free-to-try desktop analytic tools are doing so at their own peril; shadow IT usually thrives in the most locked down of IT environments. Instead, it is best to understand the pros and cons of these solutions and work self-service into the overall analytics strategy. Doing so not only helps prevent compliance mishaps but also helps organisations discover valuable insights that could positively influence business metrics.

James Richardson – Personal Analytics. Punk Analytics. Pick up your data and play.

We now live in a world shaped by data (both at a personal and professional level) and people express themselves through what they do with it. Inside every organization, users want to be actively engaged with their data; however, few of them have had the technology to effectively do so until recently. Now, with visual data discovery, more and more people are moving from passively consuming data to actively using it. We've entered the era of punk-style analytics, where anyone can play with data, in order to learn and make better decisions. But what defines this new do-it-yourself approach, and what does it mean for our organizations?

Anthony Deighton – Fast & Curious: How to quickly get to your data and ask any question

An Inside Look at Power of Governed Self-Service Visualization & Discovery. Deighton will take you on a tour of Qlik Sense to show you how users themselves can rapidly create visualizations from any device and any data source. You will see how all Qlik products share a unique ability to instantly explore data associations with no need for predefined questions. He will illustrate how users can present their findings through data storytelling then drill down directly to Qlik® Sense app to satisfy the curiosity of colleague’s questions. And because a great visualization or dashboard means nothing without the right data, Deighton will show how users build from a centralized library of pre-built data sets, expressions, and visualizations to ensure consistent use of data and values for unmatched governance and security.

Donald Farmer – Analyse to Innovate - Putting Data At the Heart of Your Strategy

Organizations today put a great emphasis on innovative thinking, but often do not know how to start putting it into practice. Where do new ideas come from? And how do we develop a culture of innovation? In this presentation, we’ll explore how detailed analysis and exploration of your existing business can be the springboard for leapfrog ideas and initiatives. We’ll look at the basic needs of an innovation strategy and the various sources of data and insight that you can use to inspire fresh thinking going forward.

Surya Mukherjee – Senior Analyst, Ovum

Surya Mukherjee is a senior analyst for Ovum’s Information Management team, responsible for the analysis of enterprises’ business intelligence technology investment priorities, market forecast models, and product and vendor evaluations. Based in London, he is a thought leader and keynote speaker at global events and is also responsible for the delivery of research-based consulting projects relating to the information management software markets.

James Richardson – Business Analytics Strategist, Qlik

James Richardson is Business Analytics Strategist at Qlik. Prior to this role James spent six years as a Gartner analyst covering business intelligence and analytics. During his tenure, James was the lead author of the Magic Quadrant for BI Platforms report, and chaired and keynoted Gartner's European Business Intelligence (BI) summit. Before Gartner, James spent 13 years at BI and performance management software vendor Hyperion in various roles.

Anthony Deighton – Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Products, Qlik

Anthony is responsible for guiding product strategy and leads all aspects of the company’s R&D efforts. Since joining in 2005, Anthony has played a critical role in evolving and driving QlikView's product evolution to maximise the potential of business user-driven BI. Previously, Anthony was the General Manager of Siebel System's Employee Relationship Management (ERM) business unit. Anthony helped found the ERM business at Siebel and it grew to over 300 customers, $20 million a year in license revenue, was recognised as Siebel's fastest-growing product line and named Product Line of the Year. Prior to joining Siebel, Anthony worked as a management consultant at A.T. Kearney in Chicago. Anthony holds a B.A. in Economics from North Western University and an M.B.A. with high distinction from Harvard Business School.

Donald Farmer – Vice President Innovation and Design, Qlik

Donald is the VP Innovation and Design, working with customers and partners to establish Qlik as the leading solution for Business Discovery. Donald has over twenty years’ experience in analytics and data management. In that time he has worked as a consultant, in start-ups and as a leader of Microsoft’s BI product teams. He is a speaker at many international events on business intelligence, data integration and data management, blogger, and author of several books. In addition to his career in Business Intelligence, Donald has worked in fields as diverse as fish-farming and archaeology. He is also a guest professor at South Western University in Chongqing, China, and advises on several academic boards. He lives near Seattle in an experimental woodland house, with his wife Alison, an artist.

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