Qlik Innovation and Design Research Digests

Each season Qlik’s Innovation & Design team releases a research digest focused on a specific topic or idea. These share some of the formal research from the team alongside interviews with industry colleagues and reflections from ourselves and invited guests.

The latest issue: The Art of Persuasive Communication in the Workplace, explores the strategies and techniques we use when sharing and discussing findings in order to influence an outcome. As always our work on this digest started with some raw research, surveying over 200 people in the USA and Canada to understand their methods and approaches to business persuasion. In addition we explore the broader use of narrative as a tool for persuasion and knowledge transfer. Hear from Donald Farmer, and industry luminaries, including a fascinating interview by James Richardson with Crighton Nichols on how he applies his studies on knowledge and narrative in indigenous Australian culture to his work in understanding of business culture.

Download the latest Winter 2016 digest: The Art of Persuasive Communication in the Workplace

Download the previous Summer 2015 digest: The Role of Multiple Devices in the Workplace